How to become a member


1. Most of our events and activities are open to the public: these include talks, exhibitions, conferences and demonstrations. These events and activities are advertised and members of the public may attend without prior notice or booking except when a high attendance is expected. We do not in general charge for these activities though sometimes we encourage donations to cover costs.


2. Our regular activities such as study groups, Movements classes, Meditation, Mevlevi Dervish training are also open to the public, but in some cases there is a requirement to contact the relevant group leader, to ensure that the level of the group is appropriate, or where relevant, the enquirer has the requisite level of physical fitness. For most of these activities there is no charge though donations are always welcome to help offset costs. For initiation in Meditation a donation is requested with the size of the donation being left to the discretion of the candidate; it is not intended to cause the candidate hardship or difficulty.


3. For those who attend on a regular basis, we offer two levels of membership: Associate status is normally granted automatically on request and without charge to anyone attending regularly. Full membership is granted by the Management Committee to those who wish to play a more active long-term role in the Society’s affairs. Members pay a standard annual subscription (£150 for 2014). Those with low income can apply for concessions. The only other distinction between the two levels of membership is that only members may vote at the Society’s General Meetings. Both Associates and Members may use the Society’s library and have access to the Society’s facilities.