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Sufi Festival: A Magical Day of Music, Art, Poetry and Love

Introduction: This festival is the first of a series of events, aiming to bring people together in a space where everyone feels at home and connects with one another, thus strengthening the ties and making new friendships. The organiser endeavoured to keep the prices as reasonable as possible to give an opportunity to all, offering a range of activities priced as a single activity or as a package.

TIMETABLE and PRICES (6 Options to choose from, see below 1 to 6): 

1) OPTION 1 (from 9am to 3pm): includes a FILM + LUNCH + a TALK;             

Description: 3-hour FILM on Ibn Arabi ("Looking for Muhyiddin" - Director Nacer Khemir) with break in the middle (Tea/Coffee & biscuits/dates) + Middle-Eastern Lunch + Talk with Husam Al-Mallak (Theme: "Origins and Developments of Sufism"); 

Price: £15 for Concession and £20 for Standard.    

Timetable details:

- Registration at 9am.

- Film at 9.30am until 1pm (30min coffee break in the middle).

- Lunch at 1pm until 2pm.

- Talk + Q&A at 2pm-3pm.

                                                ~(AFTERNOON BREAK at 3pm-3.45pm)~


2) OPTION 2 (from 3.45pm to 6pm):  TALK ONLY + Q&A with Sheikh Muhammad Vâlsan (from France) and Touria Ikbal (from Morocco);     

Description: International and renowned speakers Muhammad Vâlsan and Touria Ikbal will deliver a unique presentation on Ibn Arabi (the theme will be confirmed soon); Note: Interpreting from French into English or Arabic into English will be available; 

Price: £15 for Concession and £25 for Standard.                                                                                  


               ~(DINNER BREAK at 6pm-7.30pm. Dinner is NOT included in any of the prices or the packages, details will be announced)~


3) OPTION 3 (from 7.30pm to 11pm): SUFI CONCERT ONLY (Issawi Style Concert with six-piece ensemble);             

Description: Redha Boudebagh will lift you off your feet with his Trance-like music and Sufi chants. He will perform with his Ensemble Hadra & Diwan. Instruments: Nay, 'Ud, Sufi Drums, Derbuka and Mandol; (Redha is a well-known master musician and singer from East Algeria; it is also worth mentioning that he descends from the Sufi Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa in Morocco); 

Price: £20 for Concession and £27 for Standard. 

4) OPTION 4 (from 9am to 11pm): FULL PACKAGE (includes Option 1+ Option 2 + Option 3);
     a) EARLY BIRDS (until 3rd April at 11.30pm) 

     Price: £35 for Concession and £45 for Standard.                                                                                         

     b) LATE BOOKINGS (from 3rd April after 11.30pm)

     Price: £40 for Concession and £50 for Standard.


5) OPTION 5 (from 9am to 11pm): FULL PACKAGE + 1 WORKSHOP (all materials are included; limited places)

     a) Calligraphy Workshop + All Day Programme: Price £60. Places are limited.   

Description: morning session of Calligraphy (with Artist Samir Malik) from 9am-1pm + all day programme which includes coffee break + lunch + two talks + concert; (Important: this workshop will run at the same time as the film).

     b) Sufi Drumming + All Day Programme: Price £50. Places are limited.                                       

Description: morning session of Sufi Drumming (with Musician Khaled Hakim) from 10am-12.30pm + all day programme which includes lunch + two talks + concert; (Important: this workshop will run at the same time as the film).

     c) Felt Art Making + All Day Programme: Price £50. Places are limited.                                    

Description: afternoon session of Felt Art Making (with Artist Hana Horack) from 1-30pm-3.30pm + all day programme which includes film + coffee break + lunch which must be taken before the session + second talk + concert; (Important: this workshop will run at the same time as the first talk).


6) OPTION 6: ONE WORKSHOP ONLY + Coffee break (all materials included; limited places)

     a) Calligraphy only: £40 (9am-1pm including registration)

     b) Sufi Drumming only: £25 (10am-12.30pm including registration)

     c) Felt Art Making only: £25 (1.30pm-3.30pm including registration)


OTHER ACTIVITIES DURING THE FESTIVAL (FREE of CHARGE): Bazaar, Bookshop, Exhibition, Poetry, Dhikr (Sufi chanting) and Turning (details to be confirmed at a later date; please check updates. Any Stallholder interested, please contact the organiser 07459 80 26 79 or via Eventbrite. Thank you). 




OTHER USEFUL DETAILS (subject to small changes):

- FOOD and DRINKS: During lunch, food will be served in the Refectory (lower ground) and in the room situated in the first floor by the Kitchenette (with access to WC for the Disabled). From 3.30pm/4pm, people can also eat in the West Studio (ground floor); Details for dinner will be announced at a later date.

- TYPE of FOOD and PRICE: Food/Drinks will be reasonably priced; Middle-Eastern Food mainly, suitable for Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians (if meat is served, it will be Hallal). Vegan catering/allergens (details at a later date). NO ALCOHOL in the premises;

- SPACE FOR RESTING: People will be able to rest in the Blue Room and the room in the first floor by the Kitchenette. After 3.30pm, people can also use West Studio.

- CLOAKROOM: A cloakroom shall be organised.

- ACCESS FOR THE DISABLED: Partial access (3 steps) in the main entrance but possible arrangement to help wheelchair users (please contact the organiser). WC for the Disabled available.

- CONCESSION RATE: This applies only to Full-Time Students, Over 60's and people receiving State Benefits.

- FIRST-AID: First-Aiders shall be available (any professionals, please come forward. Thank you).

- VOLUNTEERING: If you are interested to volunteer, please contact the organiser on 07459 80 26 79;

- REFUNDS and EXCHANGES: Exchange is possible; Refunds are at the organiser's discretion; please contact the organiser;  

- DONATION: There will be a donation box for all the happy ones who feel the event deserves more (possibility to also donate via Eventbrite). With gratitude.

Many thanks, please feel free to contact the organiser for any urgent question, hoping that many of you will come and contribute to making this festival an enjoyable and memorable day.

The organiser (UK Mobile number: 07459 80 26 79)

Facebook link:


Led by Latifa

Held at Colet House in the Top Studio

Saturday - 04 / 05 / 2019
9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Book online here :
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