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Sunday Meeting with Ruth White

10.30: Meditation 11.00: Talk by Ruth White 12.45: Shared lunch 14.15: ‘Beyond the Noise” Screening of Study Society event, Royal Festival Hall, December 2017, South Bank Belief and Beyond Belief festival. All are welcome – please bring a contribution towards shared lunch. Suggested donation at the door: £5

Ruth was inspired to write her book, “Presence – The Truth of Yoga” because she believes we are on the threshold of an important beginning. “Fifty years ago you could barely talk openly about enlightenment, meditation and spiritual practices”, she explains, “but now the picture is quite different. People are ready to move on to a wider level of awareness. We are all waking up.” “What is enlightenment? It is but a recognition that the spiritual light is shining in us now. It is not something we have to search for, come to and eventually attain after years of study and practice. It is our birthright. Presence – we might also use the word God or Higher Self – shines in every living creature. It is our home, our source. It is never diminished or made greater. It is eternal…The transient world has its lifetime, it is born and dies. It comes and goes, but the Light never goes, is not born and does not die. Whether we realize it or not it is permanent, eternal.”

Led by The Study Society

Held at Colet House in the Top Studio

Sunday - 25 / 02 / 2018
10:30 am - 2:45 pm

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