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Karma Klown Club

What if your ultimate gift to the world was spreading your authentic joy?

What if you could spread this joy without denying your tears, your sadness or discomfort?

Then you would be a true clown!

Karma Klown Club rests on a vision of playfulness and spirituality coming together. In many cultures, clowns or Holy Fools have brought joy, insight and non-verbal delight to their community. And so can you!

Karma Klowning is an embodied form of spiritual practice that delivers:

- Mimefulness and Mindfulness
- The Permission to Play
- Emotional Resilience and Openness
- Creativity, catharsis and communication skills
- Self-enquiry and self-knowledge
- A Whole lotta fun!

Experienced facilitators (and yoga teachers) Ailon and Marina lead a workshop of games and exercises to set you free

For more information or to book contact: or or Tel:07956 573470

Fees: £75 early bird or £88.25 full price

Next Dates:

Feb 15
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 14
July 4


Led by Ailon Freedman & Marina White Raven

Held at Colet House in the West Studio

Saturday - 15 / 02 / 2020
10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Book online here :
Book Here

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