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About The Study Society
An overview of The Study Society.

Introduction to Advaita
An introduction to Advaita (Non-duality).

Our History
Find out about The Study Society and Colet House.
From John Colet in 1509 to the present day.

Giving Back
Helping us do what we do - donations and giving.

Where you are right now.


Summary of Courses
Cool things you do.

General Study
General study groups held around teh country.

Non Duality
Learning the true meaning of an holistic approach.

Whirling Dervishes
Rumi, Mathnawi, Stillness through motion.

The Movements
Movements. Gurdjieff's sacred dance.

Talks And Concerts
Truth and wisdom through human endeavour.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga
Courses for finding the sacred within without.

Vedic Chanting
Harmony through vibration and sound.

Starting the inward path to peace of mind and body.

Meditation benefits
The mental, physical and social benefits of meditation .


Purpose and objectives
The Society seeks fulfillment through its reason.

Joining Us
Find yourself in our company.

Study groups around the world.

Broader Community
Linking our broader community for a deeper understanding.

What others say about us
A sample of minds, hearts and rumi-nations.

Whats On

Our diary for the year
See what we are up to on a weekly basis.

Hold an event here
Book a space in Colet House for your event here.

Study Society Special events
Listing of upcoming Study Society events.

Non Study Society Special events
Listing of upcoming special events at Colet House.


Study Society Bookshop
Publications you can buy through the Study Society.

The Study Society Library
An amazing fountain of knowledge.

Study Society Talks and Audio Recordings
Publically available curated audio and members only special recordings.

Study Society Video
Publically available curated video and members only special recordings.


Contact Us
Getting in touch and how to find us.


Sharing with others for the greater good.

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