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Most of our courses are free of charge but we welcome and depend on donations.

A feeling of “coming home”

‘The meditation and the knowledge imparted over the years have vastly influenced my life. The Society has a feeling of “coming home”….the spiritual food that I have been given over the years has given me guidance, rest and contentment….’


If you would like to learn to meditate, please contact us at the Study Society. Meditation is given throughout the year in a simple ceremony. We offer an initial introductory talk and if you wish to continue a date will be given when you can receive the method of meditation. After this a course of three sessions and a group meeting are offered, followed by the chance to attend meditation meetings and other activities.

Non-Duality/Advaita Sundays

Non-duality Workshops are held on the first and third Sundays of most months at 10:30 am to around 12:45 pm. Dates may change so please check the Diary. All are welcome to come along and share their knowledge and experience. Sometimes a topic is selected to focus discussion but no theory is offered leaving attendees free to speak from their own awareness at the time. Just turn up. Afterwards lunch is shared for those wishing to continue the discussion informally.

Movements to Music

The Movements are a collection of sacred dances, exercises, prayers and their accompanying music that originated from various schools, dervish orders and monasteries across the Middle East and Central Asia. They were collected and brought to the West by the philosopher and mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff. They were first taught in England to Ouspensky's pupils at Lyne Place and Colet House in the 1930s. The Study Society is unique in teaching the early repertoire of Movements as they were originally taught, in an unchanged line to the present day.

Whirling Dervishes

Turning training takes place annually and lasts for four months. The next turning training will be running from September until mid December. The classes are on Thursday evenings and alternate Friday evenings and some weekends. The training is open to all people of reasonable fitness. Its purpose is to prepare people to turn in the ceremonies at Colet House. See Whirling Dervish Training for application form and details. An associated course on ‘The Philosophy of the Cosmic Dance’ runs in conjunction with this. In addition, guest ceremonies on the first Friday in each month and weekly meeting to read and analyse the poetry of Rumi are open to all.

See Whirling Dervish Training for application form and details.

Vedic Chanting

This takes place from 6:00-6:30 pm every Monday during term time and is followed by meditation. All are welcome.

Chi Kung (Qigong)

A very gentle, ancient Chinese exercise; good for young and old, to build strength and inner peace. Classes take place at 6:30 pm on Thursdays. Please contact the office to register for this class.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

This gentle modified ashtanga primary series is perfect for beginners wishing to start a yoga practise.
Students new to yoga will benefit from looking deeply into alignment, gain an understanding of the benefits of each posture and learn how to synchronize their breath with their movement.
The journey of yoga teaches us how to transform our stiff and limited experience of ourselves unto a fluid expression of "that" which moves within us. We then embody grace and beauty. Classes take place at 7:00 pm on Mondays. Please contact the office to register for this class.

Fourth Way Study Group

Our teaching of the Fourth Way, the philosophical system learned, taught and developed by P.D. Ouspensky, is as a living, oral tradition. Material for study and discussion is provided as a response to the developing needs of each group; there is no set syllabus and the first level of teaching continues for two years. Introductory courses are held in London, and Gloucestershire as required. Please contact us if you are interested.

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