What our members say

Positively energetic

‘The knowledge absorbed from attending many meetings of the Study Society and the meditation practice I have been given there have enabled me to throw off the burdens of limited, heavy laden life and liberate my mental outlook so as to feel free and be positively energetic in dealing with all situations arising in my life. These changes have serves me well in my professional life.’

Regeneration and rest

‘With the advent of the meditation came true regeneration and rest amid a busy life as lecturer and mother of three boys. Between them, the meditation and the turning both began to wipe out any feeling of self-absorption, bringing the beginning of an inner balance of head, heart and hand….’

A genuine path of spiritual progress

‘I observe in others the fruitfulness of the meditation and though myself experiencing great difficulties in maintaining a daily routine I am sure that this constitutes a genuine path of spiritual progress. The opportunity to meditate with others at the Monday session is a great source of strength and encouragement, especially following the Chanting. The turning, the talks and the related activities at Colet House speak of a brighter, more loving sense of being in the world, much needed on an individual and societal level.’

A more humble attitude to other people

‘I consider that receiving the meditation in my early 20s has been the most important event in my life’s journey. This, together with the teaching and the group meetings at Colet House has given me the inner spiritual peace and hopefully wisdom to deal with difficult circumstances as well as good experiences….and a more humble attitude to other people and their lives.’

Grounded and energized

‘I believe that I have gained hugely on an emotional, personal and intellectual level from the teaching and practice of meditation led by the Study Society. My work as a couples’ counsellor is demanding emotionally, and I find that the practice of meditation, which I leaned with the Study Society, keeps me grounded and energized for challenging and occasionally stressful work.’

Helped me stay calm through life

‘…the meditation has given me a stability that has helped me stay calm through life, to support a full family life and to enrich the various community groups that I am part of.’

Daily relief

‘Meditation has suited me very well and still brings daily relief from overdoing things, thank heavens for that.’

Inspirational nature

‘I don’t think that I could have seen (my problems) through without the help I received at Colet House. I refer to the meditation, the Dervish Turning and the Movements to which I was gradually introduced. Even more important was the framework of the teaching, the meetings and the inspirational nature of the leaders and friends. I became stronger, less febrile, more quiet and sympathetic to the needs of others. Clients and management found me more reliable…’

My overall wellbeing has improved

‘Since becoming a member in 2003 I can honestly say that my overall wellbeing has improved due to the weekly attendance at the various activities offered by the Study Society….’

Emotional well-being

‘I am grateful for a deeper mental and emotional well-being than I would probably have enjoyed without these influences coming from the Study Society, and an easier and more natural contact with other people. Over many years this has made my professional life full and positive as well as the friendships arising from it.’

Very helpful

‘I have found that doing the meditation and the teachings of the Society and discussions with other members have been very helpful in both life in general and work in particular.’

Objective view of myself

‘Meditation helps me to take a wider view of life, meeting others with an open mind, and I am able to take a more objective view of myself.’

Practical teachings

‘The practical teachings and the meditation are the cornerstone of my life. They have greatly influenced my work as a special needs teacher in primary schools and as a meditation mentor in secondary schools….’

Helped me to learn how to focus my attention

‘What I have gained from my contact with the Study Society has underpinned all aspects of my work. The daily practice of meditation helps to put one in the right frame of mind for dealing with the day. The discipline of the Movements has helped me to learn how to focus the attention, and this has been an invaluable transferable tool for helping me to tackle the problems in my working life.’

Life is more harmonious

‘The meditation is central to my life and I have changed because of it. Life is more harmonious and it has sustained me through serious illness.’

A revelation to me

‘The meditation has been a revelation to me… there is no doubt that what I have learned from the Study Society has helped me through the stresses and strains of business life.’

Considerable value in my work

‘The teachings, the meditation, and the meetings have been of considerable value in my work and welfare, physically, mentally and spiritually.’

A quality of stillness in body and mind

The practice on oneself and with others at Society meetings allowed one to discover a quality of stillness in body and mind which helped to deal more efficiently and confidently with life within the family, the workplace and society.’

Fulfilling forms of exercise

‘The physical disciplines of the Turning and the Movements are fulfilling forms of exercise which have helped me to maintain physical health, and with the daily practice of meditation bring balance to a busy life.’

I have found the meditation invaluable

‘I have found the meditation invaluable. It has provided solace for three people who were dying; two had cancer and one had AIDS. I was able to visit them and show them how to meditate and help them through this last phase of their lives.’

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